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Discover for yourself why studios all over the world are using Supersonic Drum Samples as their

"First Call" for drum replacement.

A variety of ultimately mix-able samples was the priority when Supersonic was started. These samples, which were sampled using boutique preamps, compressors, high end and industry standard mics, go from mildly processed to mix-ready processing in order for you to find the right sounds for each song. You can dial up a nicely compressed and EQ'd sample, one that requires little to no processing... just a simple fader up, OR you can dial up a minimally processed sample and tweak until your heart's content.


Multi-Sample. Multi-Velocity. 24bit/44.1khz.

Every set of samples in this library was processed and edited using a unique technique which virtually eliminates the 'machine-gun' effect.

Every sample in this collection has multiple levels of processing as well as different tunings giving you the ultimate in flexibility and control.

At the heart of this new collection are many sought after snares, kicks and toms that rival anything you may have used in the past.

The level of realism, depth and useability of these samples will add life to any drum recording and make your recordings stand up to the recordings on the radio or in your player.


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