"Absolutely PERFECT drum samples. Great kicks with tight low end, crisp snares and deep toms that fit perfectly in the mix. These samples took our drum tracks that were originally recorded analog on two inch tape in a huge, cavernous, "Class A" hardwood floor recording studio with a major producer and STILL improved them a 1000 times over. Whether you are a producer, engineer or artist tracking demos in your home studio for personal use or recording a full-length album in a top of the line studio - look no further - These samples will take your drum tones to a whole different level."
James Gabriel - (producer/vocalist of Crooked)
"...huge kicks, massive snares and incredibly deep toms. The bottom line is that you can make your bedroom studio drums sound like they were recorded in a world-class room, through the best mics and preamps money can buy for
less than the price of a good snare.
Running a dead-sounding Tama kits' snare and kick drums into just a few of the 2700(!) supplied sounds from Supersonic showed an incredible amount of tonal and ambient possibilities, from subtle SS Hybrid Blenders™ that mix in with your existing sounds to "ohmagawdthemdrumsisgonnaeatus" over-the-top car crunchers!! Regardless of what you're looking for, the excellent PDF manual included makes it easy to find the sounds you need."
Sven-Erik Seaholm - (San Diego Troubadour Magazine)
"Supersonic Samples and Drumagog saved my drum tracks! Imagine, I have an A-list, first call studio drummer recording tracks at my project studio in Los Angeles for my upcoming record and all I had were mid-priced mics and pres. I notice after he's packed up and gone home, that a few of the toms are clipping as well as the snare! With Supersonics Samples and Drumagog I was able to select a suitable snare and tom sample very close to the original and replace the original tracks with amazing results! The process took under 10 minutes and saved me a bundle of money! THANKS E!!"
Greg Marra - (ESP Sponsored Guitarist, Producer and Engineer, Los Angeles CA)
"I think anyone that is anyone should be able to find a sample on this disc to fit their needs. I feel you have done an absolutely incredible job all across the board and you've given us everything but the freakin kitchen sink! The disc looks fantastic and very pro and the sounds are just fabulous!"
Danny Danzi (Guitarist and Engineer, New Jersey)
"I've been working as a producer/engineer for the past 12 years and thought I should let you know that your samples rock - 30 minutes after downloading the samples and reading the manual I was able to produce awesome heavy metal drum sounds with tons of low end without clouding the mix and I'm talking about a HUGE difference over everything I've tried in the past !!! I used it in conjunction with Drumagog and BFD and with the help of the manual (which by the way offers very crucial info on how to use dramagog) it was a breeze to get THE sound. This library is a godsend!"
Athanasios Karapanos - (producer and engineer, Greece)
I recently started a metal project and had been looking for that special drumsound to add just the right amount of attitude and brutality the project needed. After about a year of spinning my wheels, we settled on a sound that was good, but still not quite up to par with that "industry standard" punchy drum sound. I did some research and stumbled upon the Supersonic samples. After listening to the demo sounds on the website, I had a hunch that this would complete the sound I'd been looking for. After buying the samples and applying them to my project, I'm proud to say that it's one of the best additions to my studio that I've ever made. The samples cut through the mix like no other and add a punch to the mix that any heavy song needs. Needless to say, I'm no longer spinning my wheels and nailed the sound that the drummer wanted. Don't hesitate to add these samples to your library! It could be the missing link that could bring everything together for your sound!
Jonathan Munnier - (Owner/Producer/Engineer- JYM Studios- Evansville, Indiana)
"I recently acquired the new Supersonic Sample Library and I must say that it is truly the best samples for mixing I've heard in a long time! I like the way the samples blend into the mix! Very nice for getting a nice full bottom end out of my drum mixes."
Theo Crous - ( Producer, Fender sponsored guitarist and mix engineer, South Africa)

Please email your testimonials to supersonicsamples@gmail.com and we'll place them here on the site!

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